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Piper Valve Systems Corporate Headquarters


Built to house the corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant for Piper Valve Systems, this 67,000 square-foot facility manufactures valves and equipment for the oil field industry. Parts are received, assembled, tested, and shipped worldwide from this location.

The concrete-tilt wall structure includes administrative offices on two levels, with a high bay assembly and extensive testing areas. Specialized interior features include a hyperbaric test chamber, paint booth, laboratory, and machine shop. The exterior facade is colored concrete, with darker colored reveal recesses around the windows to create depth and to break up the monolithic tendencies of a ‘same plane’ elevation. The front entry and adjacent elevations are accented with a faux masonry veneer.

The building frontage incorporates into the OKC Trail System. Public parking areas are set back from the street, with attractive landscaping and fenced and secure private parking for staff and visitors.
Oklahoma City, OK
Piper Valve Systems Co.
Pascal Architects
General Contracting

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