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Langston University Goat Research Facility


Our work on the Goat Research and Feed Storage Facility at Langston University began with a site study, moving onto pre-design and programming, then design, and culminating in construction phasing for the renovation and expansion of an existing building.

The result of the construction and renovation work is a 20,000 square foot building that includes an animal research area, an animal housing area, a feed storage area, and support areas. The facility also houses a Research and Teaching Greenhouse that comprises of a headhouse with classroom areas, four greenhouse bays, and support areas.

There is also a proposed 4,600 square foot Aquaculture Hatchery to be housed in a 500-600 square foot lean-to structure, and consisting of an office area, labs, storage area, and support areas.
Langston, OK
Langston University
LRFP Oklahoma State University
Construction Management

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