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Cypress Springs Alzheimer’s & Memory Support Residence


Cypress Springs is a residential community for individuals with Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss, this facility provides seniors with an entirely new level of sophisticated, individually focused service. Through music, art, interior design, sensory landscaping, and a range of innovative activities, an environment of comfort and calm has been created in this 66-bed, 30,000 square foot facility.

The facility was designed and constructed to take into consideration the specific needs of those with dementia, with every detail of the build carefully crafted to aid memory loss support.

Cyprus Springs incorporates lots of natural light, which eases “Sundowner’s Syndrome,” the seasonal, late-afternoon agitation some residents experience. Wandering paths have been constructed in the ground that are designed to allow residents to stroll and relax but always within view of staff. The building also promotes resident’s access to fresh air with easy access to the garden areas, as well as numerous windows that can be opened safely to provide fresh air internally.
Oklahoma City, OK
Cypress OKC Realty, LLC
Curtis Group Architects
General Contracting

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