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NorthCare Edmond & Guthrie Locations


In the realm of mental health care, the quality of patient care and overall safety is paramount. The environment in which treatment occurs plays a crucial role in alleviating stress, anxiety, and even mitigating substance abuse, thereby aiding the recovery process. NorthCare’s facilities are built to cultivate an environment conducive to healing. Recognizing this, Timberlake’s building efforts were directed toward constructing safe and uplifting environments that cater to the needs of the medical professionals working there daily.

At the 24-hour NorthCare Edmond location, housed within a substantial 7,900 square foot wood frame building, our focus centered on revamping the existing space to suit NorthCare’s specialized programs. This involved the demolition of interior walls while preserving the integrity of the exterior framework. Throughout the space, ligature-resistant and tamper-resistant fixtures were seamlessly integrated, essential features crucial for maintaining patient safety in a mental health setting.

Additionally, our involvement extended to the establishment of the NorthCare Guthrie location. The design for this location led the way in building the NorthCare Edmond location. This 1,300 square foot renovation, nestled within Mercy Hospital in Logan County, not only provided added convenience for hospital staff but also served to expand NorthCare’s reach to the Guthrie and Logan County communities. Through this extension, vital services encompassing mental health, substance abuse treatment, and counseling were made readily accessible.
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