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Bob Moore Auto Group


The Bob Moore Auto Group and Hurst Holdings comprises of fifteen dealerships and a collision center, based across Oklahoma City and Tulsa, many of which we have had the pleasure of working on. Our partnership was established in 2005 with the overarching goal of establishing a consistent sense of continuity and comfort throughout all the locations, all the while imbuing each with the unmistakable style that defines the Bob Moore Auto Group.

The creation of fourteen state-of-the-art service centers has been a pinnacle of our endeavors. These facilities not only offer unparalleled comfort and amenities for both staff and customers but also play a pivotal role in solidifying the Bob Moore brand identity within each establishment.

Each dealership we've been involved with has been thoughtfully designed to resonate harmoniously with its specific surroundings, while consistently echoing the modern and customer-centric design language characteristic of the brand. This approach ensures that each space aligns with its unique location and simultaneously maintains the signature Bob Moore Auto Group style.

Bob Moore Ford, Norman
Bob Moore Nissan, OKC
Bob Moore Land Rover/Subaru, OKC
Bob Moore Saturn, OKC
Bob Moore Mazda, OKC
Bob Moore Cadillac, Norman
Bob Moore Jeep Chrysler Dodge, OKC
Bob Moore Porsche-Audi, OKC
Bob Moore Collision Center, OKC
Bob Moore Cadillac, Edmond
Bob Moore Buick-GMC, OKC
Bob Moore Maserati, OKC
Bob Moore Audi, OKC
Bob Moore Audi/Lux Service, OKC
Bob Moore Ford, OKC
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