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Bass Pro Shops


Our collaboration with Bass Pro commenced in 2004, leading to the construction of their retail outlets across the United States. These stores have been established in diverse locations, from Oklahoma and Kansas to California and Alaska. Award-winning in their concept and design, Bass Pro Shops retail stores are rated as a top tourist destination, with over 90 million people visiting their stores annually.

Distinguished by their specific exterior and interior adaptations, Bass Pro Shops have emerged as visually captivating and top-tier outdoor retail spaces. Each location is meticulously tailored to harmonize with the natural outdoor landscape unique to that area. The essence of the outdoors is seamlessly woven into the interior ambiance through expansive log and rock work, complemented by extensive aquariums and water features brimming with indigenous fish species.

The stores house an impressive array of museum-caliber fish and wildlife exhibits, accompanied by historical photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia that pay homage to the rich outdoor legacy of each specific store location.

2004: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2006: Macon, Georgia
2007: Olathe, Kansas
2007: Bass Pro Marina/Restaurant, Branson, Missouri
2008: Independence, Missouri
2008: Manteca, California
2008: Big Cedar Conference Center, Ridgedale, Missouri
2014: Anchorage, Alaska
8 Project Locations
Bass Pro Outdoor World
Butner Rosenbury / RIM; WPH Architecture Inc.; Cr
General Contracting, Construction Management
Build Oklahoma Award, AGCOK

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