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The Anchor at Shangri-La Activity Resort


The Anchor at Shangri-La Activity Resort is the latest addition to the stylish resort located in Monkey Island on the northeastern Oklahoma Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. It has become a jewel of the Grand Lake Area by boosting tourism and creating the perfect environment for a fun family getaway. The Anchor expands those offerings by providing yet another way to enjoy your time at the lake. The finished facility is unlike any other with water views, tiered gaming spaces and indoor dining. The extensive exterior includes six pickleball courts, five tennis courts, two basketball courts, a wiffle ball stadium, a fishing pier, several volleyball courts, and an observation building.

The Anchor’s newest space offers plenty of casual indoor and outdoor dining spaces for guests to casually sit, relax, and enjoy a nice meal. The campus provides the option for guests to take their meals to-go or dine in. Keeping with the campus aesthetic, stone veneer and wood timers adorn the exterior of the main building. Shade structures, benches, stone arches, and extensive landscaping make for a beautiful campus setting.
Monkey Island, OK
Shangri-La Resorts
Architects Collective
Construction Management
"I am especially grateful to the ace team from Timberlake Con­struction for their unbelievable skills, work ethic, knowledge and cooperative spirit for the quality construction of The Anchor at breakneck speed during almost unprecedented adverse weather conditions. Bryan and Dave Tim­berlake are far more than successful construction executives. They are great partners who took total ownership of our efforts to reach challenging goals in a timely manner while enduring difficult conditions. As individuals, they are great mem­bers of the Grand Lake/Monkey Island community; and the pride they take in their work is evi­dent to all who enjoy the amen­ities at The Anchor."
∼ Barry Williams, Shangri-La Golf Club Resort & Marina

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