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Bank of Oklahoma Plaza


Initiated to revamp the aging Bank of Oklahoma Plaza, a project that spanned four decades, the renovation initiative commenced by overhauling the waterproofing system. Central to this was the meticulous replacement of all brick pavers, giving way to a fresh waterproof barrier layered with ornate colored concrete. Charcoal gray plaster-finished planters crowned with gray cast stone caps completed the refined appearance. Enhancements extended to the exterior as well, with the incorporation of modern steel and aluminum pergolas, along with strategically placed planters, benches, and thoughtfully arranged landscaping elements, culminating in an alluring and welcoming plaza.

Completing the transformation, a new guardrail was seamlessly integrated along the plaza's edge. Further enhancements materialized through the incorporation of insulated glass and glazing, complemented by additional shading mechanisms and enhanced entry protection protocols. The building's exterior received a comprehensive facelift, incorporating fresh signage, upgraded lighting, and modernized street-level building glazing. These changes collectively ushered in a contemporary downtown urban ambiance to the existing structure.

Additionally, the scope of the project encompassed the meticulous restoration of the neighboring parking structure, harmonizing the entire environment.
Oklahoma City, OK
Bank of Oklahoma Plaza Tower LLP

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