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Kingsgate Elementary School


Kingsgate Elementary School was a renovation of an existing cafetorium, which was completed on schedule during the summer months to minimize disruption to school activities. The storm shelter is a 6,275 square foot addition that was completed on time and under budget, and the addition was surrounded by four active and occupied buildings. Because construction was active while school was in session, there were staging and safety concerns that had to be carefully addressed throughout the duration of the project.

The shelter is constructed of heavily reinforced 10” thick poured concrete walls and a 6” thick concrete lid. To ensure everyone’s safety in the event of a tornado, all openings through the walls and lid, two inches and larger, are protected by FEMA rated louvers or steel shrouds, which are designed to deflect any debris that could make its way through the penetrations. Additionally, in the event of a power outage, the shelter is equipped with a battery backup that will power equipment, such as, fresh air supply fans, lighting, power receptacles, etc.
Oklahoma City, OK
Moore Public Schools
AGP Architecture
Construction Management

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