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Hennessey Early Childhood Center


The construction of the Hennessey Early Childhood Development Center was made possible by a bond issued in 2013 by Hennessey Public schools. We were contracted to build a purpose-built facility to fulfill this bond issue. The center spans 11,000 square feet and provides learning space for children aged from three to five, with provision for pre-kindergarten classes, as well as kindergarten classes.

The safety of the children, the staff who care for them, and the children’s parents and caretakers were paramount in this build, and of the eight classrooms that it houses, two also double up as safe rooms with reinforced doors and windows and emergency escape hatches. One corridor can also serve as a safe room should the need arise.

The exterior of the center is brick veneer, and the building has a standing seam metal roof and awning, and a covered walkway used for picking up and dropping off the children.
Hennessey, OK
Hennessey Public Schools
Renaissance Architects

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