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Ford County Jail


The Ford County Jail & Sheriff Offices is a low-security incarceration facility with 240 general population beds and 20 specialty beds. This 80,000 square foot facility is located on an 11-acre site, and institutional areas include padded holding cells, a medical isolation room, an onsite dentist and medical rooms, video visitation, a full kitchen, two bull pens, a nurses’ station, and a booking area.

With two floors of cells encircling an open area, the detention area is designed in a pod system with forty-four pods containing six day-rooms each. Integrated precise concrete construction and factory-installed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems mean a controlled environment for fabrication and a safer environment.

The exterior of the jail comprises of insulated precast concrete wall panels with decorative architectural reveals. The interior of the facility is CMU and a precast wall construction, with metal framing and sheetrock in the office and administrative areas.
Dodge City, KS
Ford County Commissions
HMN Architects
Construction Management

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